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Usable version of the canAp's ansibilisation

Leonardo Alain Surdez requested to merge updatedOpsRepos into main
  • Ensures that the certificates directory required by Traefik exists in the 'test' environment.
  • more dynamic and flexible routing in Traefik, depending on the execution environment.
  • Improve the reliability and functionality of NFS volume management and file directory creation.
  • Enhance the organization of system configuration tasks, making the playbook more modular and easier to maintain.
  • Improve the playbook's structure, making it more organized and easier to manage.
  • Enhance the authorization logic and ensure the necessary file is present in the 'test' environment.
  • Ensures that the Docker file source code is correctly copied to the specified destination directory.
  • Cleans up and removes unnecessary comments from the codebase. The changes enhance code readability and reduce clutter.

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