Commit c48566d6 authored by Emmanuel Jaep's avatar Emmanuel Jaep
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Merge branch 'fixBrokenPackagesForDebian' into 'master'

fix broken packages and fix deb file for dcgm

See merge request !4
parents 6e87cb4d af743302
# tasks file for ansible_gpu_exporter
- name: make sure that unzip is available
become: yes
name: unzip
state: present
- name: install S3 requirements
become: yes
state: latest
- python3-boto
- python3-boto3
- python3-botocore
- python-boto
- python-boto3
- python-botocore
- name: Download {{ dcgm_install_version }}.zip
access_key: "{{ aws_access_key }}"
secret_key: "{{ aws_secret_key }}"
bucket: 10282-70726cc2c34fcfe7d4325ef7ea151411
object: "/{{ dcgm_versions[dcgm_install_version]['url'] }}"
dest: "{{ tmp_dcgm }}/{{ dcgm_versions[dcgm_install_version]['url'] }}"
object: "/datacenter-gpu-manager_1.7.2_amd64.deb"
dest: "{{ tmp_dcgm }}/datacenter-gpu-manager_1.7.2_amd64.deb"
mode: get
validate_certs: no
- name: Install rpm package requirements
name: "{{ tmp_dcgm }}/{{ dcgm_versions[dcgm_install_version]['url'] }}"
- name: Install apt package requirements
deb: "{{ tmp_dcgm }}/datacenter-gpu-manager_1.7.2_amd64.deb"
force: yes
- name: Check montools temp folder
become: yes
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