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added backbone script to produce markers. So far it starts from (R,z,E,pitch)...

added backbone script to produce markers. So far it starts from (R,z,E,pitch) and computes (x,y) assuming phi=0. Computes also vpara, vperp, vtot."
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function [ids_distributions] = ids_fill_markers(markers_in)
% [ids_distributions, varargout] = ids_fill_markers(markers_in);
% Function to fill the distributions.distribution.markers fields
% So far the input markers_in must contain at least (E,pitch,R,z) fields
% M. Vallar - 03/2022
ids_distributions = ids_empty_distributions();
allowed_fields = {'E', 'pitch','R','z'};
%% Checking if all the fields needed are present
for i=1:numel(allowed_fields)
if ~isfield(markers_in, allowed_fields{i})
error('Cannot continue without field %s \nExit \n', allowed_fields{i})
fprintf('All needed quantities present in input structure \n');
markers2ids = markers_in;
%% if no mass can be detected, assume mass is the one of deuterium
mass = 2*1.6e-27;
%% Making names compliant to ids names
if isfield(markers_in, 'E')
markers2ids.energy_kinetic = markers2ids.E;
markers2ids = rmfield(markers2ids, 'E');
if isfield(markers_in, 'R')
markers2ids.r = markers2ids.R;
markers2ids = rmfield(markers2ids, 'R');
%% Computing x,y,z coordinates giving phi=0
markers2ids.phi = zeros(size(markers2ids.energy_kinetic));
markers2ids.x = markers2ids.r.*cos(markers2ids.phi);
markers2ids.y = markers2ids.r.*sin(markers2ids.phi);
%% Computing vpara, vperp
%Converting energy to J, if needed
if any(markers2ids.energy_kinetic)>1000
markers2ids.energy_kinetic = markers2ids.energy_kinetic*1.602e-19;
markers2ids.velocity = sqrt(2.*markers2ids.energy_kinetic./mass);
markers2ids.velocity_parallel = markers2ids.velocity.*markers2ids.pitch;
markers2ids.velocity_perpendicular = sqrt(markers2ids.velocity.^2-markers2ids.velocity_parallel.^2);
markers2ids.pitch_angle = acos(markers2ids.pitch);
%% Assigning markers into ids structure
ids_distributions.distribution{1}.markers{1} = markers2ids;
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