Commit 88d25819 authored by Olivier Sauter's avatar Olivier Sauter
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fix R position by hand since not ok for old shots at this stage

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......@@ -2012,8 +2012,9 @@ elseif strcmp(mapping_for_tcv.method,'switchcase')
r_edge = gdat(gdat_data.shot,params_eff);
z_edge = gdat(gdat_data.shot,params_eff);
R_thomson = gdat_tcv(66540,'\tcv_shot::top.diagz.measurements.thomson.set_up:radial_pos');
Z_thomson = psiscatvol.dim{1};
%OS: not ok for old shots: R_thomson = gdat_tcv(gdat_data.shot,'\tcv_shot::top.diagz.measurements.thomson.set_up:radial_pos'); = 0.90*ones(size(Z_thomson));
psinorm_max = max(max(psi_norm));
for it=1:numel(psiscatvol.dim{2})
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