Commit 205048dd authored by Olivier Sauter's avatar Olivier Sauter
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fix z_time for remote access tested at IPP ok

parent 5d25b63f
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......@@ -551,7 +551,6 @@ elseif strcmp(mapping_for_aug.method,'switchcase')
gdat_data.r(inotok) = NaN;
% eval(['[z_time]=sf2ab(diag_name,shot,z_node,''-exp'',exp_name_eff' extra_arg_sf2sig_eff_string ');']);
if [exist('sf2sig')==3]
[z_time,err]=rdaAUG_eff(shot,diag_name,'z_time',exp_name_eff,[],extra_arg_sf2sig_eff_string,['area-base:' z_node ':1']);
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