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add some info where it crashes in automatic anasrv run

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......@@ -3755,7 +3755,20 @@ end
t_eq = t_psi(iround_os(t_psi,t_th));
% Get PSI map
psi = psitbxtcv(gdat_data.shot,t_eq,'*0',psitbx_str);
% seems it has an error during automtic postshot but not when rerunning manually, hence add some info to log
psi = psitbxtcv(gdat_data.shot,t_eq,'*0',psitbx_str);
catch ME
warning('problems with: psi = psitbxtcv(gdat_data.shot,t_eq,''*0'',psitbx_str);');
fprintf('\n%s%d\n','gdat_data.shot = ',gdat_data.shot);
whos t_eq
disp(['t_eq(1) = ' num2str(t_eq(1))])
% try again
psi = psitbxtcv(gdat_data.shot,t_eq,'*0',psitbx_str);
% PSITBXTCV will have removed duplicate times
i_psi = iround(psi.t,t_eq); % Mapping from psi times to TS times
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